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Born in 1957 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Lucka Koscak graduated in English, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian languages, at the Pedagogic Academy of Ljubljana in 1981. Until 1985 she tough English in Motovun (Croatia) and Slovene in Ljubljana – beside conducting creative workshops for children.

Through her work with children she discovered her thirst for artistic expression and creativity, which lead to quit job and enter the Art Academy of Ljubljana. Successfully passing the entry exam, she started studying sculpture in the class of Prof. Drago Trsar, in 1985.

After having finished the first year, she continued her art studies at the École Supérieure d'Arts Visuels, in Geneva, Switzerland, where she got a diploma on Three Dimensional Expression, in 1991, followed by two years of post graduate program on Creativity.

Living and creating mostly between Geneva and Ljubljana, she also participates on international snow sculpture symposiums, conducts creative workshops for children and adults and realises public sculptures and commissions. 

Her art work can be found in different environments, like churches (Zvewegem, Belgium) and chapels (Zalna, Slovenia), public parks (Grosuplje, Maribor, Izola in Slovenia), headquarters of international organisations (ITU and UNHCR in Geneva, Switzerland), and in private collections and galleries throughout the world.

She has also represented Slovenia in many occasions, like the Hannover Universal Exposition, in Germany, and did a Masterclass in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Author of many public sculptures in Slovenia, she initiated the idea of Grosuplje-City of sculpture in 2004, where she was commissioned  to put three giant sculptures in the city public space.

Beside plastic arts, Lucka walks other fields of creative expression like: theatre, photography, film and dance. Part of her work is art therapy.

Mother of two children, she was always engaged in social, solidarity and humanitarian actions as well as peace promotion initiatives.

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